A visit to Splash will convince you that it's a unique amusement park for fun and adventure for all ages and everybody. The quality and safety of the rides is of paramount importance to a visitor attraction like this and we ensure you enjoy yourself in an aquatic environment that has rides treated to the highest standards. It has an array of rides for children, youngsters and young at heart designed by a world renowned company known for its high safety standards.

It consists of more than 10 rides, allowing thrill seekers of all ages to experience one adrenaline rush after another without leaving the rides. For the not so brave and the laid back, Splash offer hours of relaxation. It's the perfect place to unwind, sit back and have a great time. Get wet, relax and have fun!

Joy Rides

Swing It

Sky train


Dyna Coaster

Gaint Wheel

Mini Train

Hara kari Slide

Revolving Tower

Strinking Car

Water Duck

Sun Moon

Dancing Cup

Giant Wheel


Family train

Mini Jet

Cater Piller

Mushroom Ride


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